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Reefers and refrigeration transport systems keep items cold during transportation. Reefer equipment, like all mechanical equipment, needs repairs and service to maintain its proper use. This is where Port360 Service, Inc is needed!

Our purpose is to deliver the highest standards of quality service to all of our customers through highly trained and experienced technicians. Port360 Service provides 24-hour transport refrigeration services.

We offer a full range of refrigeration equipment, repairs, major overhauls, and service for all types of refrigeration equipment for trucks, trailers, containers, and just about any type of refrigeration equipment.

Our certified refrigeration repair team is dedicated to providing fast and efficient service to get your equipment up and running. We service refrigerated vans, trucks, trailers, containers, as well as generators (gensets). Port360 has can offer comprehensive fleet management at every stage of the fleet maintenance management process. You can trust Port360 for all your refrigerated fleet needs!

Service Center

Our state-of-the-art facility in Monroe Township, New Jersey is fully-equipped with sophisticated diagnostics, experienced refrigeration repair technicians, service vehicles, and a parts warehouse to support all major refrigeration transport brands.

Our accuracy and speed are what set us apart from the rest, and Port360 Service specializes in being the Northeast’s most reliable and speedy cold transport repair mechanics.

In the shop, we have technicians on hand to do the job right, and in an emergency, we come to you and make sure you don’t lose any time, money, or cargo due to refrigeration failure.

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On-Site or Road Service

We have a robust inventory of OEM parts to minimize downtime and get your refrigeration units serviced and back on the road. In fact, emergency repair is not only our specialty but our pride and joy.

Our experienced refrigeration mechanics understand the value of your time – getting your unit up and running in the absolute shortest time possible is our #1 priority, whether you are in the shop or on the road.

We know that if a load of fruits, vegetables, meats, temperature-sensitive chemicals, or pharmaceuticals isn’t being refrigerated on the road due to some mechanical mishap, there is no time to waste. We also understand the sooner you are able to get going again, the more likely you are to avoid cargo damages.

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